Experiential Learning Cycle & Styles with Romy Alexandra


Episode 76: What is the Experiential Learning Cycle?  Is it learning by doing?   Today’s guest Romy Alexandra demystifies the Experiential Learning Cycle with a fresh perspective.  Not to be forgotten, and equally important Learning Styles is covered in the second half of the episode.  Enrich and deepen your knowledge of Experiential Learning and its transformative impact on the way people learn and go about their lives.

Beginning the Journey into Experiential Learning

Initially, Phil and Romy explore what led each of them to discover the appeal and impact of Experiential Learning.  Listeners will hear how a transformative experience in the Peace Corps for Romy in 2012 changed her opinion about Experiential Learning.  From that point forward, she became focused on Experiential Learning as a powerful educational tool for schools, organizations, teams, corporations, etc.  With each question presented by Phil, Romy clearly explains and offers real-life examples of using the Experiential Learning Cycle approach in her work as a trainer in the field.   

Questions Presented in this Episode

  • Is it possible for mainstream, traditional education to embrace Experiential Learning more fully?
  • What are some examples of how to bridge Experiential Learning theory into practice?
  • What are the 4 modes of the Experiential Learning Cycle?
  • How does Experiential Learning promote comprehension and learning?
  • Is there an emotional intelligence aspect of Experiential Learning?  
  • How can a facilitator diversity and change up the reflective phase of experiential learning?
  • Explain Learning Styles and do they change over time?

Resources Mentioned:

Institute for Experiential Learning: https://experientiallearninginstitute.org/resources/what-is-experiential-learning/

Kolb Experiential Learning Profile (KELP): Fee-based KELP Survey 

More about Romy Alexandra and how to contact Romy directly:

LinkedIn – Romy Alexandra

Instagram – @trainingbyromy

FB – Romy Alexandra: Experiential Learning Trainer

Email – info@romy-alexandra.com

Romy Alexandra is an Experience Designer and certified Experiential Learning Trainer. She has delivered more than 1,000 hours of experiential training to over 3,000 individuals in 20 countries across 4 continents. 

Romy is passionate about leading impactful, engaging workshops that empower individuals to integrate experiential learning into their daily lives. In early 2020, Romy brought her work online and honed the art of designing and delivering truly engaging, interactive, connecting, and fun virtual workshops. She now supports organizations across the globe to overcome their limiting beliefs about online meetings and helps to transform their virtual sessions. Romy’s portfolio includes clients such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Brown University, the Red Cross, Green Peace, Americorps, Peace Corps, Points of Light, and many more.

Romy Alexandra is certified in Experiential Critical Pedagogy by the International Experiential Learning Network (IELN) in Europe. She is a faculty member at the Institute for Experiential Learning in the United States, where she leads the “Online Experiential Learning Trainer” course. Romy was awarded a Milli Award in 2016, recognized as a Millennial Under 30 Changing the World.