Facilitation Teachings with Vishwas Parchure


Episode 191: Join us in the first installment of a captivating two-part interview with the visionary experiential educator, Vishwas Parchure. In this episode, we delve into the very essence of Vishwas’ work in experiential education and facilitation, gaining insights into his motivations, career-defining moments, and unique perspective on the art of facilitation.

To begin with, Vishwas opens up about the driving force behind his commitment to experiential education, revealing the transformative impact it has on participants. Through heartfelt anecdotes, he shares the pivotal moments that have shaped his journey, shedding light on the profound personal experiences that fueled his passion for this field.

One of the thought-provoking topics discussed is the concept of reflection within experiential learning. Vishwas begins by emphasizing that genuine reflection is a journey owned by the participants, not the facilitator. 

As the conversation continues, Vishwas shares his belief that facilitation is an art that cannot be taught in the traditional sense. He goes on to explain how he creates opportunities for his students to teach themselves.

Whether you’re an educator, facilitator, or simply curious about the world of experiential education, this episode promises to stir your curiosity and challenge your perceptions. Join us for an enriching exploration of Vishwas Parchure’s transformative work, as we uncover the wisdom that has driven his career. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we delve even deeper into his insights and experiences.

Additional Resources:

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