Facilitation Tips with Mark Flynn


Episode 96: Discover the art of facilitation with helpful tips aplenty from Mark Flynn.  For the past decade, Mark has worked with college students teaching the value of facilitation skills and how to cultivate your own style and impact as a facilitator.  Introduced to the field through a circuitous route, he connected with experiential education while volunteering on a challenge course. The rest is history.  He brings a perspective to the field that will catch your attention and invite you to keep growing your skills. 

Topics & Questions Presented In This Episode

  • Mystery question: How well would you get along with your clone?
  • How were you introduction to the field?
  • Can you identify an area of personal growth through your facilitation experience?
  • Tips and skills you learned through teaching college students over the years.
  • What are your facilitation crutches?
  • Facilitation Tools versus Facilitation Props – does the language matter?  Importance of language and context as it relates to facilitation work.
  • What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in this industry?

Additional Resources

Contact Mark Flynn – mflynn86@gmail.com