Intentional Workplace Culture with Jim Grout


Episode 209: This conversation explores the importance of culture in organizations and how it contributes to staff appreciation, retention, and overall success. Phil Brown and High 5’s Founding Director, Jim Grout, discuss the role of culture in creating conditions suitable for growth and how it impacts relationships, trust, and collaboration. They share examples of modeling good culture and the impact it has on individuals and the organization as a whole. Discover tips on how to cultivate a positive workplace culture.

Together they emphasize the importance of building connections, fostering a sense of community, and creating an environment that supports growth and development. It also highlights the challenges and tests that organizations may face in maintaining a strong culture. Overall, the discussion emphasizes the value of intentional culture and human connection in organizations.


  • Culture plays a crucial role in staff appreciation, retention, and overall success in organizations.
  • Creating conditions suitable for growth is essential for fostering a positive culture.
  • Modeling good culture and building connections are key strategies for cultivating a strong organizational culture.
  • An intentional focus on culture and human connection can lead to a sense of community, growth, and development.