Managing Emotions & Vulnerability in School


Episode 3: What are the best approaches for managing emotions and vulnerability in a school setting? Members of High 5’s training and EOL teams join forces to discuss this important question. Join Ryan, Anne Louise, Lisa, and Phil as they talk about the impact modeling vulnerability has on education. Furthermore, the team explores why creating judgment-free zones for individuals to share emotions is so important.

Through sharing personal experiences, the team examines what factors make facilitators feel a certain way when opening up. Specifically, how different experiences and personalities make us react to emotions differently. Sometimes this manifests itself in us wanting to apologize for our reactions. Other times we shut ourselves off from others by expressing discomfort when they express their feelings. The team goes over ways that we can positively address these issues and not bottle up our emotions in fear of a negative response from others.

Ultimately, the core discussion revolves around how vulnerability can be positively modeled in both educators and students alike. With a focus on what emotional management strategies exist to ensure that you remain a neutral party, while not completely being a blank slate. During this conversation, Phil gives a shoutout to a book he finds to be very useful in introducing others to this idea.

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