Northern Vermont University - Brad Moskowitz, Professor of Outdoor Adventure Education


Episode 114: Today’s VPP guest, Brad Moskowitz, is a professor of Adventure Education at Northern Vermont University. He’s an avid Outdoor Adventure practitioner. Brad’s unique perspective shaped by years of experience in Adventure Education will inspire you to pursue your own career in this field. Host Phil Brown has a variety of questions lined up for Brad, and starts off the conversation with a tough one: Tell us about a facilitation fail. What follows, is a combination of practical advice, perspectives on industry trends, career path routes, and more. As Brad learned early in his career, “Adventure experiences can make learning fun.” This knowledge changed his professional direction and it’s a motivating factor for many in the field of Adventure Education. Whether you’re a student, emerging professional, or currently seeking knowledge about expanding your opportunities in the field, this episode is for you. Here’s a short list of topics covered in the next 30-minutes…

Topics & Questions Presented in This Episode

  • Mystery Question: Tell me about a facilitation fail and what did you learn from that experience?
  • What are some impactful outcomes of Adventure Education?
  • How did you end up teaching at the college level?
  • What advice do you give your students in finding careers in this industry? 
  • Seasonal work and the need for a societal shift regarding the value of outdoor adventure.
  • Does the industry need to do more to be able to provide opportunities for students?
  • Perspectives on the industry as a whole.

Additional Resources

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Click Here to learn more about Northern Vermont University’s Outdoor Education degree program.