Rediscover Your Play with Jeff Harry


Episode 92: Are you ready to get serious about play?  VPP host Phil Brown chats with guest Jeff Harry about rediscovering your play in the workplace.   Through Positive Psychology Play, Jeff aims to “create a safe space for teams and individuals to have those difficult conversations and address those uncomfortable challenges in a play-oriented way.”  From working with organizations in Silicon Valley, he has a lot to share about the positive impact of positive psychology and play in the workplace.  Additionally, Phil and Jeff dive into the topic of worker productivity and the magic of play as a tool for connection in the workplace.  Don’t miss this positively uplifting discussion on the myriad of benefits and impact of play on employee morale and workplace culture in general.   

Questions Presented In This Episode

  • What are some barriers to a more playful experience in the workplace?
  • Why don’t adults play enough?
  • Discussion of what emotions are allowed at work.
  • How can managers create psychological safety in the workplace?
  • What steps have you found to be successful at integrating play into the workplace?
  • Tips on how to build psychological safety among employees at the workplace.
  • What is flow work and how does that impact employee productivity and job satisfaction? 

More About Today’s Guest

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