Meet Sherry Bagley Executive Director at AEE


Episode 67: Meet Sherry Bagley, the executive director at the Association for Experiential Education. Throughout the podcast, Sherry and host Phil Brown, discuss her journey leading up to her current role at AEE. During this time, Sherry goes over all the adventures she has had along the way.

Starting off, Phil asks Sherry to tell him a bit about herself. Through a series of “mystery questions”, Phil provides an opportunity for Sherry to express her personality in a goofy format. Next, Sherry explains how she first got into experiential education and the transformative moments she was a part of that reinforced her interest in the industry. After exploring the company’s background, Sherry delves into her role and personal experiences at AEE. At this point, she reveals the core values of the organization that serve to make it unique amongst its competition. Furthermore, Sherry summarizes the history of AEE and reveals the major events that shaped it to be what it is today.

Later on, the conversation shifts towards how people can become involved with AEE’s programs. Sherry explains the various volunteer opportunities that individuals can apply for and the numerous departments that they can select from. Lastly, the pair discuss the future of education in light of current events and the effects that virtual learning has on students.

Do you want to participate in future AEE events? If so, check out the upcoming 48th Annual AEE International Virtual Conference. Info can be found here. To learn about how you can become involved with High 5’s Experiential Education programs, check out our support page.