The Between Worlds Project with Andrew Alexander King


Episode 81: Meet Andrew Alexander King, an outdoor adventurer and founder of The Between Worlds Project. This week’s VPP guest is a surfer, climber, and mountaineer who is currently attempting to be the first African American to summit the highest mountain and highest volcano on each continent. In sum, there are 7 peaks on his itinerary!  This interview was completed a day after his first volcano ascent in Mexico.

First off, Andrew’s work as a role model and mentor to younger climbers and surfers is at the heart of this episode. Minute-by-minute, you’ll be transported on a journey of self-discovery and purpose as Andrew explains where he’s been, where’s he going, and how The Between Worlds Project is positively impacting others in the world.  

Questions posed by VPP host Phil Brown in this episode:

  • What’s the highlight of your week thus far?
  • How did adventure become a part of your life?
  • What’s it like being a role model and mentor to young climbers and surfers?
  • Describe what it’s like connecting with local communities during your climbs and outdoor experiences?
  • Reflection and expectations, how do these two terms impact your learning experiences?
  • What can people do to improve diversity in the outdoors?

As a self-taught mountaineer and surfer, Andrew shares many stories and kernels of wisdom in this episode. Often, he has found the deeper meaning in his experiences in the outdoors when things don’t go according to plan.  The latter part of this episode is focused on connecting with communities and non-profits around the world through the Between Worlds Project. Find out where Andrew will be going this year by following him on his journey via Instagram  @andrew_alexander_king

Andrew Alexander King’s Bio:

Andrew Alexander King is an African American explorer who was born in Detroit, Michigan.

He started The Between Worlds Project as a passion aimed towards providing help and digital media exposure to individuals, non-profits, and developing communities battling sexism, racism, climate change, and other economic barriers along his nature expeditions.

He has climbed over 50 different mountains around the world from Kilimanjaro to the highest mountain in the Atlantic, Indian, and the Pacific Ocean to the highest mountain in Western Hampshire, and is currently training and climbing towards being the first African American to climb the highest mountain and volcano on each continent.

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