Social and Emotional Learning for Educators with Tre Gammage


Episode 224: Tre Gamage shares his journey into social-emotional learning (SEL) and the importance of SEL in education. He discusses the need for SEL programs for both students and adults, bridging the gap between generations, and the impact of every decision in life. He emphasizes that now is the time for SEL to shine, especially in the post-COVID climate and discussions around equity. Tre provides resources for further learning and skill-building in SEL.

Episode Takeaways:

  • SEL is essential in education and should be a part of school plans
  • SEL programs should be implemented for both students and adults
  • Bridging the gap between generations is crucial for understanding and connection
  • Every decision in life matters and contributes to one’s legacy
  • Now is the time for SEL to shine
  • Resources for further learning and skill-building in SEL are available.

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