The Experiential Thinking Practitioner


Episode 66:  At High 5 we take great pride in helping others become “Thinking Adventure Practitioners”.  It’s a term we use often at High 5 in our trainings and it’s a recurring theme in our publications.  So, what do we mean by the term Thinking Practitioner?  Through experience, how does one develop into a Thinking Practitioner?  Why is this concept important in your work?  You’ll find out in this episode.

Three members of the High training team dive right into the topic at hand.  Chris Damboise, Lisa Hunt, and Phil Brown each share stories from their collective years of training participants on Challenge Course operations.  They offer tips, techniques, and strategies that can be applied to both challenge course operations as well as adventure activities in these areas…

  • Abilities to assess situations for appropriate practices, techniques, strategies on a challenge course
  • Tinkering and adjusting activities like a Thinking Practitioner
  • The importance of continued learning to develop your craft
The High 5 Guide Challenge Course Operating Procedures for the “Thinking Practitioner” takes the concept even further.