Traits and Behaviors of Successful Leaders 


Episode 52: What traits do we expect successful leaders to possess? Join Jim Grout, Ryan McCormick, Anne Louise Wagner, Rich Keegan and host Phil Brown as they explore this question and more.

First, what keeps us wanting or not wanting to be leaders? There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to being in charge. Likewise, the role attracts a wide range of personalities, some that are ideal and some that aren’t. How do those who want to be leaders differ from those that don’t? Second, how does one separate the title from the behavior required for such a role? Many fundamental components are involved when it comes to what should be at the forefront of a successful leader’s mind. Listen as the team digs deeper into what the thought process should look like. Lastly, how do you teach and reinforce leadership qualities in others? As facilitators, the cast discusses how High 5 Adventure currently teaches students about leadership. 

This topic couldn’t come at a better time when COVID-19 is changing the very definition of what being a successful leader means. As new conversations emerge, learn how you can continue to lead even with social distancing in place.  Read a blog post addressing this very topic here.