UVM - Outdoor Programs with Megan Meinen


Episode 107: Today’s episode delves into outdoor programming at the collegiate level. Longtime outdoor experiential education educators, Phil Brown and guest, Megan Meinen from University of Vermont’s Outdoor Programs, discuss everything from the benefits of a career in outdoor programs to advice on mentoring and more.

First off, as parents of young children, Phil and Megan share their parallel experiences in bringing adventure learning to their own families. It’s not as straightforward as you may think. Then they explore their own career paths. Megan’s path wasn’t linear, and she explains why and how she came to her current position. Her passion for outdoor programming, and the UVM student community is strong. Don’t miss the valuable professional advice shared in this episode. Here’s a preview of questions asked by host Phil. 

Topics & Questions Presented in This Episode

  • How would your parents describe what you do for a living?
  • Describe your parenting style when sharing outdoor challenge course activities with your child. 
  • What is your biggest pet peeve on the challenge course?
  • How did you get your start in experiential education?
  • How do you set your students up for success in the world? 
  • What career advice do you offer your students?
  • What’s the benefit of an outdoor program and why should colleges and universities have an outdoor program?
  • What does this industry need to improve upon?
  • What is skijoring? 

Additional Resources

Phil references a High 5 workshop: The Power of Play