100th VPP Episode Highlights


Episode 100: We reached a podcasting milestone: 100 Vertical Playpen podcast (VPP) episodes and counting!  Host Phil Brown started the High 5 Podcast, renamed Vertical Playpen (one year into the series) while recording in his car with a $25 microphone! Since then, things have changed, including a recording “studio” (shared office) with walls and upgrades in technology. What hasn’t changed is the purpose of the podcast: A voice to share experiential education stories, knowledge, and a bit of humor.

Thanks to you, the listenership has grown. The podcast amplifies the stories of experiential educators, while at the same time, it is entertaining and thought-provoking. It was a tough task for Phil to synthesize hours of wonderful content into a few highlights. Alas, he did his best here. He’s put together some soundbites from early episodes in which he interviewed High 5 staff members. The first interview with trainer Rich Keegan was memorable for its quickfire questions. Other memorable moments include…

Topics Presented In This Episode

  • Examples of recording in the sound studio – Phil’s car
  • Inspirational challenge course and facilitation stories
  • A sample of jokes that keep the episodes fun
  • The signature sign-off “Thanks for listening…” from Ella, Phil’s daughter
  • Gratitude to the community of listeners and guests 

VPP Episodes Referenced

From one episode to the next, Vertical Playpen has developed a strong following, thanks to you. Listener questions and guest suggestions are always welcome.  Reach out to Phil and the team at podcast@high5adventure.org.  Enjoy this episode, then let’s get on to episode 101 and beyond!

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