Listener Questions - Adapt Activities, New Jobs and Belay Devices


Episode 95: More listener questions on VPP today! In the spotlight: Adapting Activities, New Jobs, and Belay Devices. Host Phil Brown is eager to share ideas and suggestions to help facilitators deepen their soft skills as well as their technical knowledge. Phil calls in Chris Damboise, Director of Training and Team Development, to answer the final question about choosing a belay device.  Thanks to all who submitted questions and keep them coming by sending them to or DM Phil @verticalplaypen on Instagram. Here is what listeners what to know…

Topics & Questions Presented In This Episode

  • When do you not do a warm-up activity or ice breaker with a group?
  • Is there a game you recently revived from your repertoire and still love to play?
  • Any advice to share with emerging professionals in the field?  Including hindsight guidance based on experience.
  • Which belay device is best for your program?  A comparative analysis of ATCs versus GriGris

Additional Resources

Tinker: Building Purposeful Experiences from Classic Adventure Activities – A book written by High 5 Trainers to help jumpstart adaptations of favorite activities.

High 5 Store ATC Information

Submit any questions you may have to or DM on Instagram @verticalplaypen