Defining What Makes a Group Great


Episode 198: Join Phil Brown and Lisa Hunt as they explore  the question on the minds of many facilitators: “What makes a group great?” 

We’ve all been there, finishing a program, and when asked, “How was the group?” we casually respond with “They were great.”

But what exactly defines greatness in a group? Is it the absence of issues, genuine camaraderie, collective learning, or something more?

Topics and Questions Presented in this Episode

Here are some factors a facilitator might consider that impact how much a group may struggle:

  • Social, Emotional, Economic, and Cultural history of the group
  • Length of Program (hours)
  • Structure of the program (in school, year-long, field trip)
  • Goals of Program
  • The relationship facilitator has to group
  • Relationship facilitator has to the “Client” or chaperone
  • Experience level of facilitator