Why Play Works with Author Jill Vialet


Episode 98: Fresh off the press, author Jill Vialet joins Phil Brown to explore her new book Why Play Works: Big Changes Start Small.  The book launched on September 15, 2021, and Phil read it cover-to-cover to prepare for this conversation a few days ago.  Want to know Why Play works?  You’ve come to the right space to get some answers.  

From start to finish in this episode, Jill and Phil unravel the idea of why play works to help build communities, connections and to inspire transformation.  Whether it be on the playground at recess, or in the workspace, the impact of play is significant.  They bring to light stories of play and how important it is for children to be the drivers of their own play (and adults too). Yet, it’s not all fun and games. Maybe play has a branding problem, and people are just too afraid to play.  They’ll discuss this idea as well as the impact of the pandemic on play. Finally, it’s up to you to decide if play is a skill that helps us all get along better.  Here’s what’s include in the conversation…

Topics & Questions Presented In This Episode

  • What is your first memory of play?
  • Can you share a memorable story from your new book?
  • Research that supports the importance of play. 
  • Where do you see the future of play in terms of its location (space)?
  • Can you describe more about legislation surrounding play and The Right to Play?  
  • Do people need to be taught to play?
  • What is a favorite go-to activity you never leave home without?  

Additional Resources

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Learn more about Jill – jillvialet.com

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