Why Workshops Work with Myriam Hadnes


Episode 126: Such a great question: Why Do Workshops Work? As a facilitator, you may be faced with this question regularly. Today’s guest, Myriam Hadnes, is steeped in the work of facilitation and coaching others in the art of facilitation, so you’re in the right place. By coincidence, host Phil Brown was recently in the right place, on Myriam’s podcast (see links below), and now the microphone is turned toward Myriam, who decodes this important question: Why do workshops work? Here’s how…

Topics and Questions Explored in this Episode

  • What does it mean to be a facilitator?
  • The importance of role modeling vulnerability
  • Asking brave questions
  • Exploring group dynamics  
  • The work before the work: assessing the needs of your clients
  • Try new things to enhance your facilitation skills – humility works!

Additional Resources

The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and How We Gather by Pria Parker

Connect with Myriam at: myriam@workshops.work

Learn more about Myriam’s work here 

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