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Me You, You Me

[TIM:  IF We Wanted this to be a style e.g. “Activity Intro” how is that added to show in the editor] This activity gives us permission to learn the names of everyone in the classroom in a playful, engaging way. How often are we hesitant to ask someone their name if we don’t know it or have forgotten it? This activity takes away a lot of that pressure. 


  • Do a quick check-in and ask students to do a thumb gauge or raise their hand if they think they can name everyone in the room.


  • Have everyone start by standing in a large circle.
  • To start the game, step into the circle of your students to face one person. 
  • As the name of the game suggests, introductions follow a format of me-you, then you-me twice, always starting with the person on the inside of the circle. If Ryan starts and the person facing him is Beth, it will sound like this:
    • Ryan: “Ryan!”
    • Beth: “Beth!”
    • Ryan: “Beth!”
    • Beth: “Ryan!”
  • Ryan then moves to the next person in the circle and repeats the same introduction sequence with each person. (See next page for a diagram.)
  • Beth then steps into the circle and follows Ryan.
  • Once Ryan is back to his original spot, he stays there until everyone who went after him introduces themselves to him from the inside of the circle.
  • By the end, each person should have had the introduction conversation twice with everyone else in the group, once while on the inside and once on the outside circle. 
  • See illustration on the next page.



  • Check in again and ask students to do a thumb gauge or raise their hand if they think they can now name everyone in the room, or know more names now than they did at the beginning of class.
  • Ask students to share why it is important to know, and use, each other’s names. 
  • Ask students to share strategies for how to handle a situation where they can’t remember someone’s name.


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