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Interview with Rohan Shahani – Challenge Works

Episode 55 – Meet Rohan Shahani From Challenge Works Description: Rohan Shahani (Director of Training at Challenge Works) joins Phil to discuss the importance of asking “why?”, his role on the Board of ACCT and variations on traditional low elements. Check out Challenge Works –

Meet Chad Littlefield – Tips for Creating Conversations That Matter

Episode 54 – Meet Chad Littlefield – Tips for Creating Conversations that Matter Description: Chad Littlefield, Chief Experience Officer at We and Me, Inc.,  joined Phil Brown (via Zoom), to talk about being a collaborator instead of a consumer, ways to maximize your use of We! Connect Cards, and his tips for creating conversations that […]

Meet Rich Klajnscek – Engineer and Outdoor Adventurer

Episode 53 – Meet Rich Klajnscek – Outdoor Adventurer Description: Guest VPP host Chris Damboise, Director of Training & Team Development at High 5, chats with longtime friend Rich Klajnscek about meeting in the early ’90s, the creation of ACCT (and the standards), and making a career out of working on Challenge Courses.  Rich puts […]

Tinker Talk: Be A Successful Leader

Episode 52 – Traits and Behaviors of Successful Leaders Description: High 5 team members including Jim Grout, Ryan McCormick, Anne Louise Wagner, Rich Keegan, and Phil Brown discuss what traits and behaviors great leaders possess, how they teach their students about leadership and how they, as facilitators, aim to get groups in the same physical […]

Interview with Geoff Ward, NHL Flames Coach

 Episode 51 – Interview with Geoff Ward, NHL Flames Coach Description: Geoff Ward, Head Coach of the Calgary @NHLFlames hockey team, joins Phil Brown and Jim Grout in a discussion about his long-term connection to High 5 Team Development services, how he defines his leadership style and why connection and empowerment have been an […]

Leadership in the Time of COVID-19

Leadership in the Time of COVID-19  By Jim Grout Rick Hess, whose blogs are frequently posted on Education Week, is one of my favorite no-nonsense, thoughtful observers about education and life in general. Reading his recent blog entitled Five Thoughts on the Coronavirus and Schools, I was struck by how much it has to do […]

Vertical Playpen – Milestone 50th Episode

Episode 50 – Milestone Special Edition Description: We made it to 50 episodes! Wahoo! In honor of this achievement, we have a special episode recorded where Phil is interviewed by Rich and you get to enjoy a compilation of recorded Dad Jokes. Thanks for all of your support.  Enjoy!

On The Road with Alex & Kevin from Synergo

Episode 46 – Meet Alex and Kevin – Adventure Practitioners from Synergo Description: Alex Moore and Kevin Trump, Director of Training and Training Manager, hail from west coast based Synergo.  Alex and Kevin connected on the same coast as Phil Brown while at the ACCT conference in Raleigh, and found time to chat, trainer to […]

Time to Wake Up Your Challenge Course!

Time to Wake Up Your Challenge Course! From: Todd Brown & Ian Doak Here in New England, it is not often that the first day of spring and the view out my window match up and today is no different—-pockets of snow on the ground and blustery wind swirling about!  Spring has a special meaning […]

Tinker Talk: Nerves

Episode 6.5 – Facilitator Nerves  Description: High 5’s Training Team gathers together to discuss issues, situations, and learnings relevant to all facilitators. Please enjoy “Nerves” – our training team talks about being nervous before programming, the positive aspect that nerves bring and what strategies they use to compensate for that nervous energy.