Podcast – On the Road with Adventure Practitioner Justin

Episode 23 – The Field of Adventure Ed Description: Rich Keegan, former ESPN producer and now High 5 Lead Trainer, takes the microphone on the road and chats with a longtime friend of High 5 and colleague in Adventure Ed, Justin McGlamery.   They explore the When, What, Why, and How one gets started in […]

The Joy of Conversation

The Joy Of Conversation – It’s Worth the Effort By Jim Grout When was the last time you had a conversation that mattered?  I know the word “mattered” is a relative term, but recently I have been reflecting on the importance of conversations and how many meaningful conversations I have had with students during our […]

Podcast – Facilitation Tips, MISTAKES

Episode 22 – How We Handle Mistakes in Our Craft Description: Mistakes can occur in the work that we do and these can result in many different outcomes ranging from the more common such as not meeting a group’s needs to the hopefully rare outcome of physical injury. The Training team (Phil, Chris, Lisa, and […]

Podcast – On The Road with Customers – Summer Camp Interview

Episode 21 – On The Road With High 5 Customers – Summer Camp Description: Longtime customer, Alicia from Fernwood Cove,  talks with Phil about making Summer Camp a full-time career, the benefits of professional training and tiny tiny pocket horses.

Podcast – Facilitation Tips on Maintaining Energy Levels

Episode 20 – Managing Energy Levels as a Facilitator Description: Warm weather months often result in busy calendars for trainers.  Inevitably, back-to-back programming can lead to low energy.  A quorum of training team members, Phil, Chris, Lisa, and Jim, talk about how they manage their energy levels during the busy training seasons and the impact […]

Podcast Interview with Ian

Episode 18 – Ian Doak Description: Ian talks to Phil about the joy of designing challenge courses, having a strong work ethic and eating too much Fish & Chips on the road.

Podcast – Tinker Talk, The Craft of Facilitation

Episode 17 – How We Learn the Craft of Facilitation Description: High 5 Facilitators dig deep into their collective well of experiences and tinker with the question: “What has been the most influential method by which you have learned your facilitation techniques?”

Podcast Interview with Pam

 Episode 16 – Pam Nuovo Description: Pam talks to Phil about the joys of living in Vermont, a challenging air travel experience and the Great British Baking Show in this new Road to High 5.  

Podcast Interview with Phil

Episode 15 – Phil Brown Description: Phil talks to guest hosts, Jamie and Rich, about his start in Adventure Education, Branston Pickle sandwiches, and announces an artistic opportunity to win some High 5 products.