Education During a Pandemic – Envision the Positive

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  Finding the Silver Linings in Education During a Pandemic By Beth Buoro By its very nature, education is always on a forward trajectory; students, families, teachers, and administrators are on a lifelong path of growth and learning together. Education during a pandemic is strikingly different.  Yet education must go on.  In the face of […]

5 Ways to Help Bring Ease to Back-to-School

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5 Ways To Help Bring Ease to Back-to School By Anne Louise Wagner How will the back-to-school transition go this fall? We’re all still learning! No matter what the start of school looks like for you and your family, there are some universal ideas about how to help your students and their teachers. We spoke […]

Connecting with Students During a Pandemic

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Connecting with Students During A Pandemic By Ryan McCormick We are now several months into this pandemic and as schools around the country reopen under new and varied protocols, educators are prioritizing connecting with students and building relationships over all else. However, given new school protocols and practice, building these relationships may seem hard or […]

Return to Adventure Programming

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Gathering Again Takes on More Meaning During Covid By Jim Grout “This workshop gathering helped me emotionally come to terms with what was possible. I left feeling like we can do this.” –Todd Bebeau – Hanover High School, NH Returning to adventure programming during Covid is a challenge for most of us.  However, we are […]

Team Building Facilitation Style That Works

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“A leader is best when people barely know they exist…when their work is done, their aim fulfilled, they will all say: We did it ourselves.” —Lao-Tzu, ancient philosopher Note to Self: The Team Building Experience Isn’t About You By Jim Grout Recently, I co-wrote with Lisa Hunt a blog about “upping your facilitation game.” One […]

Are You Ready To Up Your Facilitation Game?

Are You Ready To Up Your Facilitation Game? Co-written By Lisa Hunt, Jim Grout & Former High 5 Trainer, Chris Ortiz How have you grown the most as a facilitator, outside of trial by fire? Recently, I attended a facilitator round table hosted by facilitator, creator and writer, Meg Bolger, and the partner conversation prompt […]

Leadership in the Time of COVID-19

Leadership in the Time of COVID-19  By Jim Grout Rick Hess, whose blogs are frequently posted on Education Week, is one of my favorite no-nonsense, thoughtful observers about education and life in general. Reading his recent blog entitled Five Thoughts on the Coronavirus and Schools, I was struck by how much it has to do […]

Time to Wake Up Your Challenge Course!

Time to Wake Up Your Challenge Course! From: Todd Brown & Ian Doak Here in New England, it is not often that the first day of spring and the view out my window match up and today is no different—-pockets of snow on the ground and blustery wind swirling about!  Spring has a special meaning […]

Keep Your Office Culture Strong. CONNECTION is the Key!

Want to Improve Your Organizational Culture?  Imaginative Ways to Connect! By Jim Grout Flashback 13 weeks ago, I was putting the finishing touches on a blog that started like this… “Schools succeed, nonprofits thrive, sports teams win, and businesses profit when the culture of the organization is positive.  At High 5, we spend a lot […]

No Quick Fix to Social & Emotional Learning In School

We Agree, There is No Quick Fix to Social and Emotional Learning in School.  But We Do Have a Solution! By Ryan McCormick & Jim Grout Marc Brackett and Diana Divecha, experts in social and emotional learning (SEL) from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, recently published an article in Education Week emphasizing the growing […]