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On The Road with Alex & Kevin from Synergo

Episode 46 – Meet Alex and Kevin – Adventure Practitioners from Synergo Description: Alex Moore and Kevin Trump, Director of Training and Training Manager, hail from west coast based Synergo.  Alex and Kevin connected on the same coast as Phil Brown while at the ACCT conference in Raleigh, and found time to chat, trainer to […]

Time to Wake Up Your Challenge Course!

Time to Wake Up Your Challenge Course! From: Todd Brown & Ian Doak Here in New England, it is not often that the first day of spring and the view out my window match up and today is no different—-pockets of snow on the ground and blustery wind swirling about!  Spring has a special meaning […]

Tinker Talk: Nerves

Episode 6.5 – Facilitator Nerves  Description: High 5’s Training Team gathers together to discuss issues, situations, and learnings relevant to all facilitators. Please enjoy “Nerves” – our training team talks about being nervous before programming, the positive aspect that nerves bring and what strategies they use to compensate for that nervous energy.

On the Road with Chris Ortiz – Team Development Director

Episode 45 – Meet Chris Ortiz Description: Chris Ortiz sits down with Phil at the ACCT Conference this past February, to talk about his start in the industry, his advice for emerging professionals and the importance of making connections. Plus, a few dad jokes make their way into the conversation.

Presenting… Vertical Playpen

Episode 45 – New Name, Same Great High 5 Podcast – Vertical Playpen! Description: Thanks for listening to the High 5 Podcast for the past year!  Your listenership and positive feedback have been remarkable – your support means so much to us at High 5.  So we’re going even higher and changing the name of […]

On the Road with Greg Urban

Episode 44 – Meet Greg Urban – Adventure Facilitator Description: A longtime friend of High 5, Greg Urban, visits the office in Brattleboro to chat with Lisa Hunt about his start in Adventure Education, Youth Programming and being willing to travel long distances to find work that he really loves.  And finally, but no less […]

Tinker Talk: Strategies to End Your Workshop

Episode 43 – Strategies to End Your Workshop Description: It’s the follow-up episode to last week’s Podcast about beginnings.  The Training Team  (Phil Brown, Rich Keegan, Chris Damboise, and Lisa Hunt) discuss how they end a program or workshop with a group. Saying goodbye, closing activities, and when to reflect with the group are covered […]

Tinker Talk: Strategies to Start Your Workshop

Episode 42 – Strategies to Start Your Workshop Description: The Training Team (Phil, Rich, Chris, and Lisa) discuss how they begin a program or workshop with a group.  Join the lively conversation that covers activities that set the tone, strategies to connect with the group early on, and coping with awkward silences.

On the Road to Gengras Center School

Episode 41 – On the Road to Gengras Center School Description: Jeff Dutko and Arlette Cassidy from the Gengras Center in West Hartford, CT, sat down with their good friend and High 5 Trainer, Rich Keegan, to talk and reminisce about their incredible work at Gengras, a state-approved private special education school in Connecticut.  Rich […]