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On the Road at Oswegatchie Education Center

Episode 32 – Camp Oswegatchie – Adventure Programming Description: Jamie Thibodeau, High 5 Lead Builder, returns to his previous place of employment, Camp Oswegatchie, in the Adirondacks, to chat with Bill Waite, Program Director and Rolland Krohn, Ropes Course Director about Future Farmers of America (FFA) camps, how they got their start in Adventure Programming […]

Tinker Talk – Professional Development

 Episode 31 – Professional Development – Outside the Standard Channels Description: The Training Team comprised of Chris, Lisa, Rich, and Phil discuss the impact of non-challenge course centered Professional Development opportunities on their programming.  The team shares their stories about integrating topics of interest that aren’t directly related to Adventure Education, but definitely add […]

Tinker Talk – The Name Game

Episode 30 – Connecting with Names and the People Behind Those Names Description: The Training team (Chris, Lisa, Rich, and Phil) discuss in great detail the importance of name games, when to use them and what their “go-to” activities are for learning participant names. This is in response to a question sent in by Megan […]

On The Road with Marty Daigle

Episode 29 – Meet Marty Daigle, Adventure Practitioner Description: While visiting High 5 for Certification testing, ACCT Level 2 Exam, Marty Daigle joined Phil in the studio to chat about adaptive programming, the joy of “getting” to go to work instead of “having” to go to work, and the variety of challenges, big and small, […]

Trainer Tips: Real vs Fake Jobs

Episode 28 – Real versus Fake Jobs Description: Lisa Hunt, Senior Trainer and Manager of Team Development, discusses the difference between real and fake jobs that we give to our participants when operating a challenge course with the desire to manage behavior. Notes from Lisa Hunt.  This exchange happened somewhere back around 2001, and I […]

On the Road with Amy Climer

Episode 27 – Amy Climer, Experiential Facilitator Description: Amy talks with Phil about her advice to students when embarking on a career in experiential education, thoughts on the future of the industry and also a couple of tips and insights on Climer Cards.  You can see them here…

5 Tips to Build Team Performance

Improve Your Team’s Performance with These High “5” Tips By Jim Grout A long time ago, I learned that even an experiential educator can’t experience everything. That may seem obvious, but in my world of adventure learning, experience is the key to everything we know and it directs our hands-on teaching methodology.  However, the days, […]

On The Road With Customers in Maine

Episode 26 – On The Road With High 5 Customers – Camp Agawam Description: Chris Damboise, Director of Training & Team Development, speaks with Karen (Assistant Director) and Patrick (Head Counselor) about the history of Camp Agawam (over 100 years old!), building a new challenge course, and the multiple benefits it provides to campers and […]

Trainer Tips: EGO Control

Episode 25 – How Ego Can Get In The Way of Adventure Education Description: Jim Grout, Executive Director of High 5, discusses how one’s ego can be problematic when operating a challenge course and when facilitating groups.  Conversely, Jim explains how being a “chameleon” can help when teaching others.

Facilitation Tips: Overcoming Overuse of an Activity

Episode 24 – How We Reframe Popular Activities Description: Tinkering with activities leads to many positive outcomes, but it can also result in some pitfalls for even the most experienced Facilitator.  In this episode of Tinker Talk, the Training team of Phil, Jim, Chris, and Lisa, discuss the reality of recycling popular activities with groups, […]