Challenge Course Documentation


Episode 75: Help is on the way to make your Challenge Course run smoothly, safely, and effectively.  What is the secret sauce: Challenge Course documentation!  The High 5 training team joins the conversation on Challenge Course documentation.  They take a seemingly dry topic and spice it up with helpful tips and examples from the field.  So many great takeaways from this episode you can implement right away.

In a round-robin format, the team shares essential tips for managers and Challenge Course practitioners.  Right away, the team collectively shares their personal experiences in the field.  Advice on what is helpful to include, and what makes sense to exclude is thoughtfully covered.  

Primary Topic Areas:

  • Local Operating Procedures (LOPs)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Inspection Reports
  • Challenge Course Portfolios

More specifically, Chris raises the topic of new Covid-19 protocols, while Lisa examines the different types of documentation to consider including in your manuals.  Rich, a former PE teacher, offers important framing around LOPs for element operation and certifications that teachers may not know exist.  Finally, Phil accentuates the point of making sure LOPs accurately reflect the work you do on the challenge course. His knot example really really hit home with listeners.

Finally, the team shares ideas you may not have considered when writing up your LOPs from inclement weather procedures (ie high winds) to an emergency action plan.  If you have follow-up questions, reach out to the team by email at

Documents Mentioned in Podcast

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