Free Play and Situations When It Doesn't Work


Episode 206: In this conversation, High 5 Trainers Phil Brown and Lisa Hunt discuss the concept of free play and its benefits and challenges.

Topics and Questions Presented in this Episode

  • Explore the pressure to maximize leisure time and the potential stress it can cause.
  • Delve into the difficulties of open-ended free play in group settings.
  • Finding the right balance and structure.
  • Highlight the risk and stress of complete open-endedness and the dilemma of providing examples in open-ended questions.
  • Discuss the benefits of open-ended play in decreasing facilitator dependence and share successful examples of structured free play.

The conversation concludes with a call to seek participant perspectives on open-ended play. Email us at with your comments/ideas.

Additional Resources

Adventure and the Unknown – VPP Episode 195.