Don't Sell A Moose A Hat Rack


Episode 15: Have you ever heard the expression “Don’t sell a moose a hat rack”?  On today’s EOL podcast episode, Jim Grout, Executive Director of High 5, and host Phil Brown explain how this humorous and unique expression applies to the overall work and customer relationship philosophy at High 5.  For over 20 years, High 5 has been cultivating loyal and long-term relationships with its customers.  For the next 20 minutes, Jim and Phil take you on a journey into the High 5 customer experience.  Above all, you’ll learn how High 5 creates connections with customers by heeding the phrase “Don’t sell a moose a hat rack.”  

This episode starts with referencing first-time customer experiences from the past that have helped to shape the present and future customer experience.  To begin with, Jim recants a story about working with the Boston Bruins for a team development project in which the moose hat rack topic rises to the surface. Subsequent examples of customer experiences are shared with an eye toward providing services that answer customer questions and fit a need.  Sometimes a program bag may be the perfect fit for a customer, a point expressed by Phil.  

Throughout the episode, Jim and Phil describe the importance placed upon relationship building with customers and being clear about what High 5 can offer.   From one memorable anecdote to another, you’ll hear how this philosophy of not overselling, and providing solutions with value always prevails in the long run.  In addition to the phrase “Don’t sell a moose a hat rack”, there is even a facsimile of a moose hat rack hanging in Jim’s office.  It’s a constant reminder of the deeper meaning of the expression: Treat customers with integrity and fairness and don’t oversell your services.  

In closing, Jim and Phil invite everyone to connect with questions about experiential learning and adventure programming.  Send your questions to or call 802.254.8718.   As mentioned in the episode, when you call High 5, you’ll speak with a person who can help you.