Improvisation and Play with Gary Ware


Episode 90: Welcome to Gary Ware, a Strategic Play Consultant, who is on a mission to help folks amplify their engagement in work through play.  As the founder of Breakthrough Play, Gary uses his skills in improvisation to help individuals and teams create amazing experiences without a script.  Ultimately, his organization’s mission is “to help busy professionals like yourself win the game of life through transformative play.” 

In this episode, you’ll discover tips and ideas that reinforce the power of play – a treasured topic of VPP’s host Phil Brown.  Gary’s experiential approach to bringing improv and play to the workplace is explored in-depth, through the lens of both facilitator and participant. Are you ready to join the play revolution?  

Questions & Topics Presented In This Episode

  • How did you discover this career path?  
  • How do you encourage people to play in the workspace?
  • What are the benefits of play in the workplace?  
  • What is a play rebel? 
  • What can improvisation teach us about play and facilitating play with groups?
  • How do help people overcome hesitancy about playing in the workplace?
  • Explain the difference between childlike and childish play
  • What advice do you have for an emerging facilitator?
  • Steps to Mastery: Imitation, Integration, Improvisation, Mastery

Additional Resources

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