Participant Belaying - Teaching Students to Belay


Episode 121: The High 5 team continues to discuss Belaying. This time, the focus is on teaching students how to belay. Additional framing ideas apply to this audience. There’s a lot to learn about teaching students to belay. The High 5 team shares some valuable lessons on how to teach this important skill. 

Topics and Questions Covered in This Episode

  • Tips for training and preparing your participants to belay
  • How much time to allot to belaying during class time?
  • Trainers’ role in teaching proper belay skills
  • Concrete advice on ensuring you and your participants are ready to belay

Additional Resources

Level 1 Skills Assessment Sheet – a resource to assess student belay skills

Hiring at High 5 – Join the Training Team! 

High 5 is seeking a passionate and dedicated individual who can connect and empower participants in a trusting and supportive environment. We are looking for someone who is excited to develop quality experiential education programs and trainings that will change people’s lives.  This is a full-time position on our Education Team supporting our camp, school, direct service, therapeutic, outdoor program, and business clients.

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