2 Facilitation Tips to Improve Group First Impressions


Episode 39: What do first impressions have to do with the challenge course experience? Well, the short answer is lots. Lead trainer Phil Brown shares two fail proof tips on how to invite more group participation. As a result, facilitators will learn how to loosen up nerves and enhance participants’ ability to engage with activities. Furthermore, the advice found within is sure to help both facilitators and those they lead maximize their time together.  All of this is done while also boosting the group’s ability to learn.

First up is finding out how aesthetics can change a newcomers outlook of a challenge course. This includes their perception of the facilitators running the show. Afterwards, Phil discusses the importance of putting yourself in other people’s mindsets. Correspondingly, this allows a group leader to be more open to the feelings of the course’s participants.

Quick and easy to remember, these tips are a great way to help ease the tension first time experiences on a challenge course might provoke. Be sure to implement them into your curriculum and let us know how they work out!

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With the prevalence of online group gatherings, we’ve provided a few virtual facilitation tips in this video.