Blog Month: June 2019

Training Tips: Questionable Advice

Episode 14 – Training Tips  Description: The Training Team answer the question – “Are there any facilitation tips or advice you’ve had over the years that you disagree with or struggle with?”

Road to High 5 with Jim – Part 2

 Episode 13 – Jim Grout Description: Jim continues his conversation with Phil talking about his thoughts regarding the future of Adventure Education, the most recent books he has read and how he would never turn down a conversation with a penguin.

Road to High 5 with Jim

Episode 12 – Jim Grout Description: Jim talks to Phil about his first Adventure Education work, people who have supported him along the way and the Edge of Leadership program.

Essentials of Corporate Culture

The 3 Essential Pillars of Corporate Culture By Jim Grout Corporate observer Simon Sinek’s TED talks—How Great Leaders Inspire Action and Why Good Leaders Make You feel Safe—provide interesting insights into the role leaders play in shaping and maintaining a positive and effective corporate culture. As Sinek observes, ‘Your company doesn’t have a culture, it […]

High 5 Podcasts – The Backstory

Podcasts: The Road to High 5  Q & A with Producer Phil Brown What prompted your foray into Podcasts? One of the many things that make working at High 5 enjoyable is the way that we spend time helping each other with program and training designs through conversations in the office. I think it makes […]