Blog Month: February 2019

High 5 Challenge Course Stories

Making Peace the High 5 Way: Iraq & USA By Jim Grout (Blog Archive 2010 with Photos from 2018) Preface – A popular word every holiday season is Peace. And while World Peace may be a lofty goal, I’m reminded how achievable it is when I experience our programs each and every day throughout the year. […]

School Culture Thrives

School Culture Thrives When Relationships Abound A Retrospective Before, During, and Projections After COVID-19 By Jim Grout I recently delivered High 5 Adventure’s first-ever virtual workshop. As one who has always relied upon in-person teaching to form connections and build relationships, the thought of going virtual was somewhat intimidating. I envisioned that our learning atmosphere […]

Ubuntu Cards – A Short History

Ubuntu Cards – Q&A with Originator Ryan McCormick What inspired you to create Ubuntu Cards in 2011? Both Chris Ortiz and I love the “I Spy Books” – I’d say that was a primary catalyst of inspiration for Ubuntu.  By using random objects in combination with fun activities, we wanted to invite people to connect, […]

Social Emotional Learning

What The World Needs Now…  And What Schools Can Provide By Jim Grout What does it take to educate a child today, to equip them with diverse skills and inner motivation to learn and make their mark in the world?  The short answer is, it takes a lot. A more comprehensive answer to those daunting […]