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Team Building Facilitation Style That Works

Be Chameleon-like Facilitator

“A leader is best when people barely know they exist…when their work is done, their aim fulfilled, they will all say: We did it ourselves.” —Lao-Tzu, ancient philosopher Note to Self: The Team Building Experience Isn’t About You By Jim Grout Recently, I co-wrote with Lisa Hunt a blog about “upping your facilitation game.” One […]

Leadership in the Time of COVID-19

Leadership in the Time of COVID-19  By Jim Grout Rick Hess, whose blogs are frequently posted on Education Week, is one of my favorite no-nonsense, thoughtful observers about education and life in general. Reading his recent blog entitled Five Thoughts on the Coronavirus and Schools, I was struck by how much it has to do […]

Keep Your Office Culture Strong. CONNECTION is the Key!

Want to Improve Your Organizational Culture?  Imaginative Ways to Connect! By Jim Grout Flashback 13 weeks ago, I was putting the finishing touches on a blog that started like this… “Schools succeed, nonprofits thrive, sports teams win, and businesses profit when the culture of the organization is positive.  At High 5, we spend a lot […]

A Force to Be Reckoned With: The Helium Hoop

What’s Worse Than Unhealthy Conflict?  Let the Helium Hoop Decide. By Tom Miller, Phil Brown & Rich Keegan Priya Parker, author of The Art of Gathering, suggests unhealthy politeness is toxic to the development of effective teams. The observation of stilted social norms can be destructive to a team’s coherence and cohesiveness, all the while […]

5 Tips to Build Team Performance

Improve Your Team’s Performance with These High “5” Tips By Jim Grout A long time ago, I learned that even an experiential educator can’t experience everything. That may seem obvious, but in my world of adventure learning, experience is the key to everything we know and it directs our hands-on teaching methodology.  However, the days, […]

Essentials of Corporate Culture

The 3 Essential Pillars of Corporate Culture By Jim Grout Corporate observer Simon Sinek’s TED talks—How Great Leaders Inspire Action and Why Good Leaders Make You feel Safe—provide interesting insights into the role leaders play in shaping and maintaining a positive and effective corporate culture. As Sinek observes, ‘Your company doesn’t have a culture, it […]

Sweeping the Sheds

Sweep the Sheds: A Powerful Concept for Team Building By Jim Grout There are stacks of books in my office and the largest is about team building. One book stands out from the rest, it’s LEGACY, about New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team. Subtitled What the All Blacks Have to Teach Us about the Business […]