Hanne Bailey | High 5 Trainer

Vertical Playpen Podcast

Meet Hanne Bailey - High 5 Trainer


Episode 155: In our latest VPP episode, host Phil Brown chats with training team colleague, Hanne Bailey. Hanne joined the High 5 Training team last year. Eager to learn more about Hanne’s past, and the road that led her to work at High 5, Phil has compiled a great list of questions for Hanne. For starters, they kick off the conversation with a question about beginnings and how Hanne first encounter the field of adventure education.

Topics and Questions Presented in This Episode

  • Her road to working at High 5
  • Training philosophy and what she says at the start of a workshop
  • Unexpected benefits of outside professional training
  • How ducks are cute

Be sure to stick around to the end for a great fish joke.

KYooB – Versatile Low Element 

It’s a square, it’s a web, it’s High 5’s fun initiative: the KYooB!  Our spin on the classic Spider’s Web activity is designed with purpose and portability.  We created a sturdy, group-friendly low element that can be assembled quickly and used in all settings from classrooms to camp forests.  An activity guide includes 18 activities to jump-start your web activities!